Types of Test Accommodations

Extended Time

Extended time can be time-and-a-half, double-time, and infrequently, triple-time or more. Any time a student uses the accommodations of a reader or scribe, adaptive equipment or is slowed down because of reading/writing speed, more time should be allowed. Sometimes the disability has such an impact on the student that a request is made to administer the test in two parts with a break between presentations of the two segments.

Reader Services

One option to having a reader available during the test process is to have the test on CD and let the student listen and listen again to the test. Whether a student has a reader/recorded test or a scribe is not  negotiable, but an oral exam vs. a written exam is negotiable. If an oral exam would be the most equitable way of measuring mastery of course content, then an oral exam may be an option instead of a written exam. If the student has a disability that does not allow him/her to write, recording answers may be an option rather than using a scribe.

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Equipment is an option available for use in test accommodation. Closed-circuit TV system, ZoomText, talking computers or calculators and Braille printers may be used to produce a copy for a
visually impaired student.

Test Clarification

There may be times when a student taking a test in the ADA Office asks for a definition or explanation of a word in a test question. The professional staff member who is proctoring the test must make a decision as to whether the question being asked is crucial to the purpose of the exam (i.e. is the word something that should have been learned as part of the course). Sometimes due to a typographical error or unusual wording of a question, the best procedure may be to attempt to reach the faculty member by telephone. Providing your contact information in order to reach you during a test is important.

Modification of Test Response Format

Sometimes all that is needed is a copy machine with enlarging capabilities. Computer score sheets (Scantrons) may be difficult or impossible to complete. Scribes are often used to transfer answers to
the computer score sheet.

Environmental Control

Earphones that block out extraneous noises, a private testing area, and the time of day for testing are examples of accommodations. If the student is tested within the classroom or department, he/she should remind the instructor/proctor before the test of the agreed upon accommodations. The student is told to not take a test unless the appropriate accommodations are in place because he/she will not be allowed to retake a test. If the student agrees to take the test with less than full accommodation in place, he/she will essentially have waived his/her right to the missing accommodation.