Required Academic Progress

Required Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress to Receive VA Educational Benefits

A VA hold is placed on all VA student accounts once the certification of their enrollment has been submitted each term. The hold is placed on the student’s account to prevent any schedule changes without notifying the VA Certifying Official.  Holds are removed the week before registration begins for the upcoming term.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the VA Certifying Official when any schedule adjustments are made. Failure to do so may result in an overpayment of educational benefits.  If a veteran withdraws from a course that has been used in determining enrollment status, the VA may require repayment of all benefits received for that course. Additionally, no veteran will be denied re-admission to the college if they are temporarily unable to attend class due to service related requirements in accordance with 34 C.F.R.668.8.

Each student receiving VA educational benefits should be aware that it is the responsibility of the student to comply strictly with the policies and procedures which govern the receipt of these benefits.  Any overpayment created through non-compliance with these policies is subject to repayment by the student.

If you have additional questions regarding academic policies, please contact the Jefferson State VA Office at [email protected] or at (205) 856-7951