Welcome to Jefferson State Community College


As the “community’s college,” Jefferson State holds a unique collection of educational experiences to change and enhance lives.

Sure, we have traditional two-year AS degree programs but additionally, Jefferson State exists to meet you where you are to enrich and improve students’ and the community’s lives through helping them reach their goals. Here are some of the ways to

Transfer Students Save Time and Money

  1. Many students save thousands of dollars by enrolling and taking classes that are guaranteed to transfer to any 4 year public (and some private) school in Alabama.
  2. Some are here for their first two years and transfer to a four year school.
  3. Others are already enrolled in a 4 -year school and take Summer and mini-term classes to catch up, get-ahead, or to save money.

Career & Professional Programs Offer Solid Life Long Careers

These are two-year degree programs prepare students for occupational, semi-professional, or para-professional jobs.

New Careers on a Fast-Track

We offer a list of various career courses that  give you the skills needed to obtain an in-demand job in a few weeks to a few months.

We Have Online Classes

  • Many  class offerings are available as online classes through what we call Distance Education

High School/College Dual Enrollment

High School students take college classes that count as both High School and college credit! Students have even graduated from High School with enough college credits to graduate High School and be a Sophomore in college.

New Options

This is where the enriching the community really hits home. Jefferson State has a heart for those who have encountered hardship in life and are willing to overcome their situation. The New Options Program offers help and encouragement to those enrolled to better themselves and their situation.