Clinical Medical Assistant

Clinical Medical Assistants serve an integral function to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners running smoothly.

Clinical Medical Assistants may be called upon to perform direct medical duties under the supervision of a physician such as:   collect and prepare laboratory specimens or perform basic laboratory tests on the premises, dispose of contaminated supplies, and sterilize medical instruments. They instruct patients about medications and special diets, prepare and administer medications as directed by a physician, authorize drug refills as directed, telephone prescriptions to a pharmacy, draw blood, prepare patients for x-rays, take electrocardiograms, remove sutures, and change dressings.

In addition, Clinical Medical Assistants perform many administrative duties, including answering telephones, greeting patients, updating and filing patients’ medical records, filling out insurance forms, handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, arranging for hospital admission and laboratory services, and handling billing and bookkeeping.

Successful candidates of the program will receive a certificate of completion from Jefferson State and have the option to sit for the National Health Career Association Certified Clinical Medical Assistant certification exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Acquaint self with medical asepsis, disease, and infection control
  • Demonstrate proficiency in taking medical history, measurements of vital signs, basic physical examination, and assisting with minor surgery
  • Acquire knowledge in basic pharmacology, dosage calculation and medication administration
  • Acquaint self with diagnostic procedures
  • Demonstrate proficiency in performing laboratory procedures

Materials Needed

  • Textbook $175 approx
  • Drug Screen $43
  • Criminal Background Check $19
  • Malpractice Insurance $15
  • CPR Certification Card $5
  • Student ID Badge $5
  • Additional Fees – Optional
  • Certification test fee $149 approx

Clear Health Form including updated immunization record signed by healthcare provider is due mid-semester.   The cost varies and may be covered by some health insurance companies

** Please note that costs are approximations and are subject to change.