WKW Automotive Apprenticeship


Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must be a high school graduate or have been awarded a GED
  • Student must submit a completed and signed application
  • Student must be admitted to Jefferson State Community College and be enrolled in the Manufacturing Systems Technology AAS Degree option
  • After enrollment, students must be referred by the JSCC Manufacturing & Technology Center to be interviewed by WKW Erbsloeh for final acceptance into the program
  • It is expected up to 12 students will be accepted annually

The program consists of two components

  1. Manufacturing Systems Technology Option classroom/lab instruction at JSCC
  2. Paid apprenticeship at WKW Erbsloeh.

The Manufacturing Systems Technology Option consists of a total of sixty-nine (69) semester credit hours resulting in an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree. Students selected will have the opportunity to work up to twenty-four (24) hours per week at WKW Erbsloeh. Work hours will be coordinated around each student’s class schedule. WKW Erbsloeh will screen and interview student applicants for acceptance.

Continuation in the apprenticeship program is contingent upon the student meeting the standards and requirements of WKW Erbsloeh. To apply, currently enrolled students must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA; new students must be admitted to the college as a Manufacturing Systems Technology Option major and have a high school diploma or GED. Students will be eligible to receive financial support (payment of tuition, fees, books) from WKW Erbsloeh. Tuition Contribution will be per the chart shown below. WKW Erbsloeh will not pay any costs for students to retake failed classes. Graduates of the program having successfully completed both the AAS degree option and the WKW Erbsloeh apprenticeship may advance to WKW Erbsloeh and earn a full-time position in Production or a higher skilled production position.

WKW image for info sheet

Books/fees will be paid at 100%.   *Costs for students to retake failed courses are not included.


Refunds for all funds provided by the sponsor (WKW Erbsloeh) will not be issued to the student.  Refunds will be returned to the sponsor’s fund based on the applicable refund schedule.


Don Wilcher
[email protected]
Director Manufacturing & Technology
Jefferson State Community College
(205) 856-8517 or (205) 812-2737