Women in Manufacturing Spotlight - Naomi Mugun

February 7, 2018 mpartain Blog

WMI SpotlightThe Women in Manufacturing Initiative (WMI) at Jefferson State Community College empowers more women to enter careers in this high-growth, high-demand industry.

Since establishment, this program has grown into a place where women are able to find the help they need, get reassurance in themselves, and gain confidence from learning. All of this and more can be seen in our latest Scholar Spotlight featuring, Naomi Mugun.

What excites you about Manufacturing Technology?

Mugun: Learning to program and operate a robot. I want to keep practicing my skills and learn new techniques.

What are your goals in Manufacturing Technology?

Mugun: Currently, I work part-time as a caregiver to provide my baby and I with needs and rent money because I am the breadwinner. My goal now is to put what I am learning into practice by getting a job in a manufacturing plant.

Naomi Mugun

Name: Naomi Mugun Home Place: Kenya, Africa Manufacturing Systems Technology Program Hobbies: Field events – Shot Put, Discus

What does the WMI Scholarship mean to you?

Mugun: This means the world to me! I am 35-years-old and I came across WMI while in a shelter for women of domestic violence with my 4-month-old son. I thought I was done in life but this scholarship changed everything and I am able to go back to college and get an education. I can dream again and this has given me hope for a brighter future.

What is your favorite part of being a WMI Scholar?

Mugun: Sharing my life with the women in the program has been the better part of my life in college. Most of them are single mothers, like myself, and understand what I go through. They do not laugh at me when I ask questions but are always pouring with encouragement.

My relationship with them has helped me build my self-esteem and I am confident knowing that we are learning together. They are eager to help with anything I cannot do or do not understand. We are able to hold each other accountable and I know we will all graduate with good grades.

For more Information goto:  jeffersonstate.edu/WMI

Sophia Guan, MPH
Women’s Fund Career Coach
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