Word 2010 ­Intermediate

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Use the features of the Word Window: zoom, views, how to arrange windows, splitting a document, and using the document map
  • Add ClipArt images and pictures from a file, use the Picture Tools tab, and move or delete added images
  • Work with SmartArt by inserting SmartArt shapes, adding, moving or deleting SmartArt images, and making use of the SmartArt Tools tab
  • Quickly add tables, text, and styles by using the Table Tools tab features
  • Maximize your use of tables by adding, resizing, moving and deleting rows
  • Insert special objects such as a cover page or WordArt, and draw shapes or add a text box
  • Enhance your document’s usability by adding a table of contents page, adding footnotes, endnotes, and citations, adding a bibliography, and inserting an index
  • Work with synonyms, use the research task pane, translate screen tips into other languages, and set your default language
  • Review a document electronically; add and review comments, track and review changes, and compare two documents
  • Customize your personal operating environment in Word by minimizing the ribbon, using the Quick Access toolbar, and tweaking the Word color scheme