GED Preparation & Adult Education

Adult Education at Jefferson State is committed to your educational needs. We offer a comprehensive Adult Education program to prepare you for the GED test, so that you may accomplish your life goals.

Whether you want to pursue a college degree or gain/improve employment opportunities. The Adult Education program allows you to work at your own pace, and instruction and materials are provided at no cost to you. Because we realize that all people learn differently, a variety of teaching methods are used, including individualized instruction, group study, and computerized instruction. In addition, you may qualify to take the GED Ready practice test at no cost, and pay a reduced amount for the GED test.

Sergio Rodriguez-Beristain enrolled in the GED program at JSCC in 2015 to pass the math portion of the GED. Working and studying full time is a difficult combination, but Sergio had a goal to accomplish. Often he was early and ready to begin. He prepared not only for the GED, but also for the math and writing skills needed in law enforcement as he begins police academy training and enrolls in criminal justice courses. Sergio’s determination, motivation and willingness to work hard led him to success with the GED, opening many doors for his future.