Short session classes offer more flexibility!

Jefferspon Campus Students

  • Short session courses cover the same material and are taught with the same rigor as full-term courses so they will be faster paced than full term courses.
  • Some short session courses are offered to provide an option for students to complete a sequence in one term (i.e. ENG 101 in Eight-Week Session 1 and ENG 102 in Eight Week Session 2).
  • Students do not have to enroll in a Session 1 course to be eligible for a Session 2 or 3 course as long as they meet all course prerequisites.

Please see below for a complete list of short session courses and the dates for each short session.

Fall Short Sessions 2024

Spring Short Sessions 2025

  • Five-Week Session 1, 2 & 3
  • Eight-Week Session 1 & 2

Summer Short Sessions 2025

  • Five-Week Session 1 & 2
  • May Mini Session


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