Check My Status

Instructions on how to check my financial aid status:

  • Using the link below, login to your myJSCC account to review the financial aid requirements and options for completing your financial aid.
  • Login to myJSCC (oneACCS)
    • From the Main Menu:
    • SELECT Financial Aid Dashboard
    • SELECT the appropriate Award Year
    • Student Requirements can be viewed under the Home tab

You should take action to resolve any unsatisfied requirements to complete your financial aid. Please read the instructions below each requirement to resolve any requested items. Some items will be highlighted to indicate that you may CLICK on the requirement to help resolve the issue or complete a form.

Please remember to regularly monitor your myJSCC account (weekly suggested) to review updates to your account.

Submit any required forms or documentation to the Financial Aid Office by the posted deadline.
In addition to completing the financial aid requirements, all students should complete an admissions application on the JSCC website and submit the required admissions documents. For additional information on the admissions process email [email protected] or call (205) 856-7704.