Pioneer Pathways

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ORI 110: Pioneer Pathways

ORI 110 Freshman Seminar: Pioneer Pathways is a new one credit-hour orientation course for first time-in-college (FTIC) students seeking AA/AS degrees and/or planning to transfer to a four-year institution. Students enrolled in ORI 110: Pioneer Pathways will receive guidance in choosing a career and college path that aligns with their interests, in addition to the “college knowledge” instruction of a traditional freshman orientation course. This course will help students obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue their life’s work and assist students in achieving their educational goals. The resources and interventions built into ORI 110: Pioneer Pathways seminar will provide the guidance, support, and skills necessary for students to be successful in college and in life while minimizing time to completion and money invested.

What differentiates ORI 110 from a traditional Freshman Orientation course is the focus on college and career planning and exploration. In the ORI 110 course, students will complete a career assessment and research careers in their chosen area. They will create a detailed plan and course sequence that considers their unique challenges and life situations to gain a realistic understanding of the time to completion of their degree. Students will identify possible barriers to success and consider available resources to overcome those obstacles. Each student will also connect with advisors and mentors in their pathway for encouragement, guidance, and support.