Pioneer Video Upload

Due to email size limitations, videos should be no longer than :25 seconds

Recording Video

  • Use your mobile phone to record your video
  • Hold your Phone Horizontally
    orientation 2 scaled 1
  • Go to this same page on your mobile phone and fill out the form and upload your video from your phone
  • A simple tip to improve your video is to avoid shooting toward any light.
  • This includes a window, lamp, or other bring light source.
  • When you film toward a light source the person talking will turn dark.

video light background

  • If you’re filming someone talking, be sure they fill a good portion of the frame.
  • A common mistake is having too much “headroom,” referring to the space above a person’s head.

fill frame1Off frame

  • To improve the quality of your video, find an interesting background with color, shape, and/or texture.
  • While you don’t want your background to be too distracting, viewers will appreciate a visually interesting background.
  • Avoid filming against a white wall or in front of a window.

Please fill out the form below and click BROWSE to search for and upload your video.

Then Click SUBMIT to send your file.

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.