Construction & Building Science Technology

Construction & Building Science Technology

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The increasing complexity of construction projects is boosting the demand for management level personnel within the construction industry. Advances in building materials, construction methods, computer technology and changing building standards are further adding to this demand. Program Brochure

The department offers certificate and associate degree in construction management. These programs include courses in project control and development, site planning, design, construction methods, construction materials, cost estimating, scheduling, contract administration, safety, building codes and standards, and information technology.

The program graduates are usually hired as assistants to project managers, field engineers, schedulers, or cost estimators. Advancement opportunities for construction managers vary depending upon individual’s performance and the size and type of company for which they work.

The Construction Management Technology Option of the Construction and Building Science Technology Program  is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).



  • To provide residential and light commercial builders with graduates that can function efficiently on the job site or in the office. Graduates can also function well in entry-level management positions in heavy construction.
  • To provide architectural and detailing firms with graduates that can function efficiently in the workplace.
  • To provide professional development training for those who are currently employed in the construction and architecture professions.

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