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myJSCC Login

  • MyJSCC Login





  • All users should use their full ‘’ email address to log in to myJSCC and and Jefferson State Windows PCs (i.e. computer labs).
  • Follow the instructions on how to set up if you are a first-time user and make sure to set up password recovery questions.
  • You can search for your username  (will need to have your A-number) and/or retrieve password (if you have set up recovery questions).
  • For Password Help (external link)

IMPORTANT: If having issues logging in to myJSCC, click the link below:

Also, if you experience page redirect loop click the link below for more information:

OneACCS Login

After myJSCC Login (user name/password)

  1. Under “Campus Links” click OneACCS Online Services.
  2. Use your myJSCC login credentials to access your student account. (If  your account is disabled, email  [email protected] and include your A-number, name, and birth date.)

If you are having trouble registering online, contact Enrollment Services: (205) 856-7704, [email protected]

JSCC O365 Email Login

After myJSCC Login (user name/password)

  1. Find the “Campus Links” section and select the O365 Email (use myJSCC password) link.
  2. Select your ‘’ email account and enter your JSCC password.  (If you are using a computer that you do not own then you are advised to answer “NO” when you are asked if you want to stay logged in.)

Email  [email protected] from another account if you are not able to open your JSCC email account.  Include your Jeff State User ID, A-number, name, and birth date in your request for help.

Blackboard Navigation Login

After myJSCC Login (user name/password)

  • Select the link under “Campus Links” to access Blackboard.

Note: First Time Logging in to Blackboard will show the following screen.  User will need to scroll down and select “Get Started.”

Bb Ultra Start Page

Bb Ultra Start Page

Only the Bb Navigation is new.  All Bb Courses will remain the same in each individual course layout.  Each Term has identifier (i.e. Spring Term is 202120).  The 5 digit number is the Course Registration Number (CRN). Students will select the “Courses” Menu Link to view Courses.

Bb Ultra NAV Student Course Listing 1

Fall 202210A Bb Course Listing

Fall 202210A Bb Course Listing


Students will be able to access Internet courses through Blackboard on the first official day of classes and become responsible for course materials and assignments available at that time. It is important for students to review material in their Internet courses on the day classes begin and to contact their instructors using the course email tool.


Schedule adjustments can take up to 24 hours to process from OneACCS Online Services to Blackboard.

IMPORTANT: You must “refresh” your Blackboard screen by exiting out of Blackboard and re-enter through the myJSCC login/Blackboard Courses link.

Note: OneACCS Online Services is located under Campus Links.  Students should check Registration and Payment through OneACCS if course(s) is not visible in Blackboard.

OneACCS Online Services link

Blackboard and Student Technology Support Video

Blackboard App Download

Click Here to download the App for your Apple, Android, or Windows device. Do not use the App to take tests or upload assignments.

  • Apple, Android, Windows devices


Do not use the App to take tests or upload assignments.

Note: Jefferson State uses Blackboard Learn. We do not use Blackboard Ultra.

Blackboard Learn Resources

Blackboard Resources:

Blackboard Collaborate:

Blackboard Ally:

Knowmia (TechSmith)

Knowmia (TechSmith)is a video creation (lecture capture) tool that allows faculty to develop instructional videos.  Students can view videos through Blackboard.  Instructors may also use Quiz questions which are built into the video (i.e. assessments) and track usage.

Knowmia_TechSmith Relay Student Handout (PDF)






FAQ: If link is empty contact Instructor to check links to Knowmia-TechSmith course videos.

No Media listed






Note: Instructors may use other media (i.e. video files).

Respondus LockDown Browser

(Used for Blackboard Tests or Exams)

Instructors will be using Respondus LockDown Browser to deliver assessments in a secure browser.  LockDown Browser will prevent you from accessing other websites or applications; you will be unable to exit the test until all questions are completed and submitted.

You must use the following link to install the Wallace Community College’s version of LockDown Browser.

IMPORTANT: Please un-install any version of the LockDown Browser before installing this version.

Download Lockdown Browser

This is the only version of LockDown Browser compatible with ACCS Blackboard.

NOTE: Also, any existing antivirus software must allow you to install Respondus Lockdown from this link:


  • You will need to open/run Respondus LockDown Browser before taking the Test.
  • You will need to log in again using Jeff State user name and password.
  • Make sure to click the dropdown and click the OneACCS SSO link.


  • If your Instructor has enabled the Respondus LockDown Browser in Blackboard here is how it will appear:

  • Note: The Windows and Mac versions of LockDown Browser have a “Help Center” button located on the toolbar. Use the “System & Network Check” to troubleshoot issues. If an exam requires you to use a webcam, also run the “Webcam Check” from this area.

Honorlock (Online Proctoring)

(Used for Blackboard Tests or Exams)

Instructors may use Honorlock to deliver assessments in a secure browser.

Technical Requirements

  • Windows 10, Mac or ChromeOS PC with the full Chrome desktop browser
  • Google Chrome browser (minimum version 79)
  • Must be able to install the HonorLock Chrome Extension.
  • Functioning Webcam and Microphone
  • Stable Internet connection (Speed : 1.5 Mbps download, 750 Kbps upload)
  • Honorlock does not work on an iPad/mobile device.

Honorlock in ACCS Blackboard for Students (PDF)

Honorlock Student Resources (Link)

Support Web site (Link and Online Chat)

Email [email protected]

Call 1-844-243-2500

How To Install Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office suite is available to faculty, staff and students with an active account. Please keep in mind you will only have 2 license available for installation.

Adobe Reader Download

Note: Some of the following files require Adobe PDF reader.

Ckick here to Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

Who to Contact for Help

  • For information concerning myJSCC Login/Password and/or Enrollment Services* contact:
  • You may also leave a message on our evening voice mail (205) 856-7775.
  • *Questions received during normal business hours will receive a response as soon as possible.


Schedule adjustments can take up to 24 hours to process in Blackboard. Contact [email protected] and your course instructor if you are registered for a course that does not appear in your Blackboard course list within 24 of the adjustment.

Why Can’t View My Courses in Blackboard

Schedule adjustments can take up to 24 hoursto process from OneACCS Online Services to Blackboard.

“Blackboard Course Access Denied” Screen:

access denied 1





You may be trying to log on to Bb Courses before and/or after Term Date.
Check Calendar.

You may no longer be an active student.

Courses that were previously accessible in Blackboard:

1.  Dropped For Non-Payment.

You can check your account in OneACCS Online Services to check your registration status.

You must contact a Cashier’s office, call (205) 856-7779 or email [email protected] before you can be added back to your course.

Making a payment online without contacting the Cashier’s office will not get you put back into your courses.

Once you have been added back to a course, it will take up to an hour before the course will appear in Blackboard.

         2.  Dropped for not completing the participation requirement due by the Instructor.

Did you receive an email telling you which class you have been dropped? If yes, then follow the link in the email and follow the steps for re-verification.

Once you have submitted the re-verification information from step one, your instructor will also receive an email with a similar link that lets them verify your enrollment in the class.

Once your instructor verifies you, you will receive a second email that you have been verified by the Instructor.

Once this is done, the information is sent to the Business Office for you to be reinstated in the class upon tuition payment.

If you have questions or want to check in on the status of your re-verification and/or funding call 205-856-8507 or 205-856-7779.