Medical Laboratory Services

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Medical Laboratory Technicians are important members of health-care provider teams. MLTs perform a variety of chemical and biological analyses on blood & other specimens to assist physicians in the diagnosis & treatment of disease. The MLT graduate can choose from a variety of employment opportunities, including hospital laboratories, physician offices & clinics, public health facilities, and research institutions. National surveys indicate a need for qualified clinical laboratory technicians and technologists throughout the country.

Jefferson State’s MLT Program prepares students for entry into the field of laboratory medicine in 6 semesters at a reasonable tuition cost. The MLT Program consists of basic academic courses, MLT courses taught in campus labs, and clinical experiences in one of several hospitals and reference laboratories. Students may apply for admission to JSCC during any semester and register for general education requirements and prerequisites for the MLT Program. Admission to the professional sequence requires a grade of ‘C’ or higher on the required general education courses and an overall ‘C’ (2.5 GPA) or higher.

 Successful completion of the program leads to an Associate in Applied Science Degree & eligibility for national MLT certification by such agencies as ASCP and AMT.

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