Reverse Transfer

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Get that Degree that YOU have EARNED!

What is Reverse Transfer?

Reverse Transfer is for students who transfer from JSCC to another college or university prior to completing an Associate’s degree.

How does the process work?


  • Agree to participate and release your records to JSCC from your current University/College
  • Meet eligibility requirements:
    • Minimum of 15 hours earned a JSCC toward the degree
    • Meet degree requirements for Associates in Arts or an Associates in Science Degree
  • Earn a total of 60 credits required for an associate degree. This is total combined hours (JSCC + University/College)

The University/College will:

  • Send your records to the Jefferson State Community College via the National Student Clearinghouse Reverse Transfer Program.  If your institution does not participate in this program, you will need to request an official transcript from their Records Office.

Jefferson State Community College will:

  • Evaluate your credits from the university/college and inform you if you have earned an associate degree.

Student Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many credits do I need to have completed from Jefferson State Community College?
    Complete a minimum of 15 credits (%25 of a 60 hour) toward an Associate in Science or Associate in Arts Degree from Jefferson State Community College.
  • How do I request an official transcript from my current institution?
    Contact your institutions Records Office or Registrar’s Office
  • Do I need to apply for graduation?
    Yes, you will need to complete the application and email to [email protected] or drop off at the closest Enrollment Services Office.
  • How will I know if I am eligible to receive an Associate’s Degree?
    The Graduation Office will notify you after your credits have been evaluated and you have met the requirements for the degree.
  • Are there any fees or costs to participate in Reverse Transfer?
    There is no cost for sending your information and awarding of the degree. Be sure to contact your current institution’s Registrar’s Office and let them know you want to participate in the Reverse Transfer Program. This could save you from having to pay for a printed diploma.  This program is part of the National Student Clearinghouse Reverse Transfer Program.  (See below for more information).
  • Can I receive a printed diploma and attend the graduation ceremony?
    Absolutely!  Everyone at JSCC would love to see you and your family If you wish to receive a printed diploma or to participate in graduation ceremonies there are additional fees involved.  See the Graduation page for more information.  This information is also sent to you after you apply for graduation.
  • What if I have holds at JSCC?
    JSCC will not be able to award a degree until all financial obligations have been satisfied.  If you have a hold for Loan Exit Counseling, be sure to complete the required counseling and notify the Financial Aid Office ([email protected]) and the Graduation Office ([email protected]).
  • Who do I contact if I have any questions about the Reverse Transfer process?
    Contact the Graduation Office by emailing [email protected]


Jefferson State Community College is proud to participate in the National Student Clearinghouse Reverse Transfer program.  For more information, click here.