Liberal Arts & Art Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Liberal Arts Department is to offer courses and programs that will provide a quality educational experience. The Liberal Arts Department is divided into two areas-Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Humanities area of this department is dedicated to providing valuable learning experiences in the liberal arts tradition. The department is committed to offering those courses which will present the student an excellent opportunity to pursue moral, creative, and philosophical interests. Courses within this curriculum include art, music, religion, and philosophy.

The Social Science area of this department also acknowledges the liberal arts tradition. It is committed to creating a learning environment of self-awareness along with a sense of growth and development. Courses in this curriculum include anthropology, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology.

The department strives to:

  • prepare students to continue their education at four-year institutions or to enter the workforce
  • provide access to instruction through distance learning as well as through traditional methods.
  • provide students with a discipline approach to the theories and methodologies that will assist them in understanding their society.
  • provide for its students an informal and participatory environment which encourages them to adopt a lifestyle of intellectual growth and self-awareness.
  • cultivate qualities of character and leadership in students by developing their analytical skills as well as creating a sensitivity to values essential for people living in an ever-changing world.
  • maintain an informed and professional faculty.


Jefferson Campus

Kristin Henderson
Division Chair Liberal Arts/Communications
Bethune Deramus Hall 219
(205) 856-7817

Camilla Avery
Art Instructor
Carson Hall 302
(205) 856-7837

Shelley R. Wilson
Psychology Instructor
Bethume Deramus Hall 209C
(205) 856-6052

Teresa Archer
Office Manager
Bethune Deramus Hall 219
(205) 856-8585

Angela R. Ford
Psychology Instructor
Bethume Deramus Hall 209B
(205) 856-6019

Samuel Earl Jones
Psychology Instructor
George Layton Building 219
(205) 856-6045

Lucy Lewis
Sociology Instructor
Bethume Deramus Hall 209D
(205) 856-6046

Pamela R. West
History Instructor
Bethume Deramus Hall 209A
(205) 856-6050

Michael Thomas
Choir Director/Music Instructor
Fitzgerald Student Center
2nd Floor
(205) 856-7900

Shelby-Hoover Campus

Kevin Towns
Chair Liberal Arts Department/Speech Instructor
Math Science Building 116D
(205) 983-5207

J. Kyle Irvin
History Instructor
Math Science Building 100A
(205) 983-5967

J. Tyra Harris
Psychology Instructor
General Studies Building 214L
(205) 983-5961

Mildred Lanier
Music Instructor
Health Science Building 425
(205) 983-5309

Patrick Mayton
Art Instructor
Health Science Building 349
(205) 983-5308

Chilton-Clanton Campus

Phaer Bonner
Psychology Instructor
Chilton-Clanton Campus 121

St. Clair-Pell City Campus

Sarah G. Luckadoo
Instructor of Psychology
Pell City Campus, 128
(205) 812-2715