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The Jefferson State Art Department offers Art Appreciation as a humanities credit for all programs of study at all four campuses and online. At  the Jefferson and Shelby-Hoover Campuses, we offer Art History Survey, also for a humanities credit, Drawing 1 & 2, 2-D Design, 3-D Design, Intro to Computer Graphics, and Intro to Digital Photography. At Shelby-Hoover we exclusively offer Pottery/Ceramics, and at the Jefferson Campus we exclusively offer Animation.

The Intro to Computer Graphics is an entry level class for Graphic Design majors, and counts as an elective for Computer Information Systems majors. The Drawing 1 & 2, 2-D Design and 3-D Design classes are required foundations classes for all studio art majors and automatically transfer for credit to the local  four-year art programs at UAB and the University of Montevallo.

If you are committed to a specific program of study outside of art, and want to take an art class that is not for your humanities credit, financial aid will prevent this, or, will make you pay out of pocket for the extra class. BUT if your program of study is an Associates in Arts (with an “s”) this is not an art associates degree it is a phrase that describes a flexible associates degree that allows the student to pick and choose his classes a la carte for his program of study and financial aid will cover all of it, so you can mix and match art classes with science, or art with business, or art with any other discipline and it is a very appropriate general studies foundation to transfer with into a bachelors program.

Our 3-D design class and our Pottery/Ceramics are not official foundations classes for culinary arts majors but are definitely recommended, and 3-D design and Pottery/Ceramics are required foundations classes in the UAB Dental program, and 3-D design is a required foundation for Architecture and engineering programs.


Shelby-Hoover Campus

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Health Science Building 349
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Jefferson Campus

Camilla Avery
Carson Hall 300
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