Distance Education

Jefferson State Community College offers distance education courses that reduce the need for students to be in particular location at set times to receive instruction.  Upon admission to the college, students may enroll in any Internet course, hybrid/blended course, videoconference course or traditional lecture course for which they are eligible. The policies and procedures that determine course content, tuition, fees, financial aid eligibility and credit awarded for successful completion apply to all courses, independent of the method used to deliver instruction.  Students enrolled in distance education courses at Jefferson State Community College do not pay an additional charge associated with verification of student identity.

The official first day of class for fall 2015 is Friday, August 21.

* IMPORTANT: Schedule adjustments can take up to 24 hours to process in Blackboard. Contact webcthelp@jeffstateonline.com and your course instructor if you are registered for a course that does not appear in your Blackboard course list within 24 of the adjustment.

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