Frequently Asked Questions – UAB/JSCC Joint Admission

How long are ACT scores valid?

Your ACT scores never expire.
 *Attention: ACT Change* – As of spring 2022, for students applying for nursing admission the ACT test must be taken within five years of the application deadline.

Can a student apply to JSCC while attending another college?

Students applying to the Joint Program option may continue to take courses at another institution.  Official transcripts should initially be sent upon application to JSCC.  If taking courses elsewhere the semester before potential admission, students must send an updated transcript prior to the day before they would begin nursing courses.  For example, if applying for fall admission, transcript should be sent by May 12 (end of spring) and an updated transcript sent at the end of summer semester.

How long are ACT scores valid?

Your ACT scores never expire.

What is the ACT residual?

The ACT residual is the same test as the national ACT.  The results are expedited to meet admission deadlines.  We accept ACT residual results from all Alabama community colleges.

How often can I take the ACT?

The ACT (national or residual) test can be taken every 60 days and only by appointment.  You can contact the Testing Office on the Jefferson Campus at (205) 856-7896 or at the Shelby Campus at (205) 983-5276 to make an appointment.

I’ve turned in my application. How do I check on the status?

Application evaluations will not begin until after the application deadline.  Once submitted, students will only be notified once admission decisions have been made.  All applicants will receive an email regarding their admission status via JSCC email.  Students are strongly encouraged to check their JSCC email multiple times each week following the application deadline.  Once admitted, students will be given a reply deadline to accept or decline their admission.  Admission placement may be forfeited if this reply deadline is not met.  Please do not call the Nursing Office or advisors to ask about status – just keep checking your emails!

I already have a degree already – do I have to take the ACT?

All Joint Program applicants MUST take the ACT.  The ACT represents a large portion of admission ranking.

Does Jefferson State offer the LPN program or the LPN Mobility program?

JSCC does not offer programs such as LPN or LPN Mobility.

Does Jefferson State offer the Medication Administration Assistant program?

The MAA is not currently offered at Jefferson State.

When applying to JSCC, do I select “transient” or “transfer”?

Students applying to JSCC with the intent to apply to the UAB/JSCC Joint Program option must select “Transfer“.   Upon admission to the Joint Program option, a student’s major code will be changed and their admission status will be updated each semester based upon completion of program requirements.

Is the UAB/JSCC Joint Program option available on all campuses every semester?

No. At this time, Joint Program students are only admitted on the Jefferson Campus for fall and spring.

Do all non-nursing courses need to be completed before applying to the nursing program?

All general education courses must be completed prior to applying for the Joint Program Option. Transcripts must be sent prior to application deadline to ensure timely evaluation.

How many students are accepted into the Joint Program option each year?

The Joint Program option currently admits approximately 10-20 students each admission.  This is subject to change based upon resources and clinical placement opportunities.

How many points do I need to get into the program?

There is a total of 58 possible points. Each semester admission is based on the pool of applicants; therefore, some semesters are more competitive than others. If you are not accepted in one semester, we encourage you to apply again.  JSCC does not have a nursing program waiting list.

Can I continue to work full-time and be in the nursing program?

While the nursing program does not restrict students from working, we strongly encourage students to consider the substantial amount of time it will take to complete all UAB and JSCC nursing course assignments.  Schedules are also impacted by family and other “life” responsibilities.  Successful completion of the nursing program requires attendance for lecture, lab and clinical assignments.  Having to work is not an excused absence for a required nursing activity or assignment.

The meeting times and days for nursing courses vary throughout each semester.  Students should plan on being available most Mondays thru Fridays for lecture/lab.  In addition, students are required to complete clinical experiences occurring anywhere in the central Alabama vicinity.  Clinical assignments may occur during days, evenings, or weekends.  While we make every effort to arrange experiences that accommodate working students, there are certain clinical dates that will require participation outside of the usual daytime hours.

Can I take more nursing courses than what is outlined in the curriculum since I have completed my prerequisites?

Students must follow the published five semester nursing curriculum for both UAB and JSCC.  Each semester builds on prior nursing courses.

How does Covid-19 affect how I participate in nursing classes?

With the onset of Covid-19 restrictions, all nursing classes are currently being presented online.  Students are strongly encouraged to have access to a computer/table/laptop, webcam, and reliable internet access.  Testing, labs, validations, and simulations will require on campus attendance.  The Nursing Program follows the College’s Covid-19 policy available on each JSCC web page highlighted in yellow.

What happens if I am not successful in a nursing course at UAB and/or JSCC?

Joint Program progression requires students to be successful in both UAB and JSCC nursing courses in order to progress to the next semester.

If a student is unsuccessful in a UAB course, they can continue in JSCC’s nursing program.  Upon graduation from JSCC, the student can then apply for one of UAB’s Nursing Mobility programs.  Consult with UAB School of Nursing regarding transferability of any UAB course completed while in the Joint Program option.  Students may not reenter the Joint Program option after an unsuccessful attempt in a UAB course.

JSCC nursing courses are the cornerstone of the Joint option and must be completed successfully to continue with UAB nursing courses.  If unsuccessful in a JSCC nursing course, students may complete the UAB course they are currently enrolled in.  Once this semester is completed, students may not return to UAB nursing courses regardless of progression at JSCC.

If unsuccessful in both JSCC and UAB nursing courses, students must follow the JSCC Progression guidelines included in the JSCC Nursing Student Handbook. Students may not progress at UAB if unsuccessful in either a JSCC or UAB nursing course.