Degree Track Options - CIS


Computer Information Systems Technology Degrees

AS Degree Plan

  • Computer Science AS Pathway

AAS Degrees

  • Computer Programming Option AAS C056
    • Computer Programming AAS Pathway
  • Cybersecurity Option AAS C255
    • Cybersecurity AAS Pathway
  • Networking Option AAS C160
    • Networking AAS Pathway
  • Web and Mobile Applications Option AAS C260
    • Web & Mobile App AAS Pathway

Advanced Certificates

  • Computer Programming Option CER C056
  • Cybersecurity Option CER C255
  • Networking Option CER C160
  • Web and Mobile Applications Option CER C260


  • Computer Programming Option STC C056
  • Cybersecurity Option STC C255
  • Networking Option STC C160
  • Swift App Development Certificate STC C248
  • Web and Mobile Applications Option STC C255