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Essential Functions

Before considering applying for admission to a nursing program, there are some essential functions that are necessary for the provision of safe and effective nursing care. Click the link to download the Physical Requirements & Essential Functions Outline.

Traditional Nursing Program Admission Process

Traditional Nursing Program Application Deadlines

All applications must be in by 4:30 p.m. on the deadline dates listed below:

After Acceptance Into the Traditional Nursing Program, Students are Required to:

  • Provide proof of CPR certification at the health care provider level from the American Heart Association. Online classes are not acceptable unless it contains an onsite skills demonstration.
  • Provide proof of hospitalization insurance
  • Purchase liability insurance through the college. Go to college cashier at any campus to purchase.
  • Submit Initial Admission Medical Form.
  • Submit to a random drug and alcohol testing for chemical dependency. This will be done on campus prior to clinical experience start date as well as randomly throughout the program at the expense of the student.
  • Background screens are required by agencies utilized for clinical learning experiences. Clinical agencies may deny facility access based upon a student’s background screen. Acceptance to the nursing program is contingent upon an acceptable background screen. Information on how to complete the background screen will be included in your acceptance letter.
  • Individuals with criminal charges who plan to apply to the program should contact the Associate Dean of Nursing to confidentially discuss their eligibility for program admission.