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Jefferson State’s Transfer Hub provides information and assistance for students transferring from Jefferson State to another college or university. If you are transferring to Jefferson State from another school, apply to Jeff State following our transfer student application process transfer student application process

Advisors are available to help you!

The transferability of students’ coursework is a high priority at Jefferson State, and our goal is to help students prepare for a seamless transfer to senior-level institutions in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.

Our Academic Advising Team is prepared to assist with the following items:

  1. Research desired programs and degrees.
  2. Identify institutions that offer you planned bachelor’s degree.
  3. Advise on associate degree pathways that best align with your transfer goals.
  4. Assist with the creation of an official Alabama Transfers Guide to guarantee your courses will transfer into your planned bachelor’s degree program at any in-state, public institution.
  5. Find transfer scholarships.

To request assistance from one of our advisors, simply click here to complete and submit a request form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my courses from JSCC transfer?

How do I transfer?

  • Step 1. Complete the admission application for the college or university of your choice.
  • Step 2. Complete a transcript request to have your official Jefferson State transcript sent to your new school. (NOTE: If you are currently enrolled, make sure you select the box that indicates “hold for grades.”)

What is Reverse Transfer?

  • Reverse transfer is for students who transfer from Jefferson State to another college or university prior to completing an associate’s degree.  It is a pathway for students to transfer credit from the transfer institution back to Jefferson State in order to earn their associate degree.  Learn more by visiting our Reverse Transfer web page.

Opportunities to Connect with a University Representative