Child Development

“Positively Imprinting Young Children’s and Families’ Lives Through Education”

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Graduates may be employed in many career opportunities in the field of child development such as educarers (teachers of young children) in private and not-for-profit early care and education programs such as child care; as teachers in the growing state Pre-K program; administrators in child care programs; professionals in before- and afterschool programs; or as paraprofessionals in the public school system. The Child Development program also offers a basic, short, and regular- advanced certificate designed to provide incremental steps of professional recognition leading towards an associate degree. The JSCC CDP program also provides the education component of the Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) awarded by The CDA Council for Professional Recognition and also provides a mentorship program for students individually and for child development centers as a group until the CDA is completed and received.

Jefferson State is the first Child Development program (CDP) in Alabama. For over 45 years, Jefferson State has been offering the study of young children birth to age five, the most formative time in a human’s life confirmed by years of research. Jefferson State is the first Child Development Associate Degree Accredited program in the state under The National Association of the Education of Young Children ( JSCC CDP  also leads in offering unique programs of study for concentrations in Educarer, Administrator, and Afterschool. JSCC CDP continues to be on the cutting edge providing an online program with live classrooms offered in present time and recorded to accommodate every student.

This allows current and prospective students to complete their education and career goals with flexibility and ongoing support through various forms of technology while also receiving  education that aligns with the NAEYC standards and Alabama Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) to enhance quality in all child development and early childhood programs.  So, consider JSCC CDP for your education and career goals in the field that is the foundation for every child. We look forward to serving you.

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