Culinary & Hospitality Institute

Culinary & Hospitality Institute

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Culinary Arts/Pastry/Baking, Hotel/Restaurant Management

The Hospitality/Culinary Management Department prepares students for a variety of positions in health care institutions, schools, restaurants, commercial types of food services, hotel and other lodging operations. The department offers a degree with four options: Culinary Apprentice, Foodservice/ Culinary Management, Baking/Pastry and Hotel-Motel Management. Check with your four-year institution for the transferability of courses in this program.

Program Brochure

Since many of the major courses are offered only once a year, it is recommended that students check with an advisor for course rotations and intersperse general courses with major courses to complete the program in a timely manner.

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Culinary & Hospitality Program



Culinary & Hospitality Institute